It may seem strange that a company who develops staffing software solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint was giving away an iPad at Staffing World. Strange until Staffing World attendees were able to see 1Staff built in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in action on an iPad next to the full version of the staffing software solution. The data was the same, the dashboards looked the same, but it is an iPad app with the iPad look and feel which improves user adoption and provides more intuitive usability.

Mobility was definitely on display at Staffing World 2011. On the flight to New Orleans I was able to test out 1Staff and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 on an iPad at 25,000 feet. Using the in-flight wireless internet I could easily access Job Orders, Dashboards, Candidate Search, etc.

1Staff also has the capability to operate offline and allow you to define which data each user can view remotely on their device. This is particularly important in large organizations – if you have hundreds of recruiters and sales staff you don’t want to download all that data to everyone’s mobile devices for security as well as data volume reasons. When users again connect to wireless with their device, changes are synchronized with 1Staff.

I know what you were wondering while reading the last paragraph and yes, if for some reason you need to delete all of the data on the device because it is lost or an employee leaves you can do it remotely from an admin console inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

1Staff not only works on iPads, you can also access your staffing software data from iPhones, iPods, Blackberries, Window Mobile, etc.  When Microsoft launches their tablet I’m sure it will work on that as well, but the iPad is going to be a tough experience to beat.

There isn’t any special work required to build mobile dashboards like the one pictured. If you’re interested in learning more about dashboards, watch this video on how to create custom dashboards in 1Staff built in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Also, any charts you build can be made available on your mobile devices. The charts look GREAT on the iPad. This photo taken in flight from my Windows 7 phone of a staffing software dashboard on my iPad doesn’t do it justice. 

1Staff staffing software on an iPad resized 600

Check back to read our next post on how we integrated 1Staff with Talent Rooster in about a half hour at the Staffing World 2011 expo.

Also, watch for future blog posts about applying your marketing engine not only to sales, but also to recruiting. For example, you just emailed a job opening to 20 people. How many emails were delivered? How many opened the email? How many clicked on the link? What other pages did they visit on your website? When they come back 5 months later looking at jobs on your website would you like to get an email? Stay tuned.

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