We just finished an all-day session with a healthcare staffing company.  They have international requirements for staffing nurses and other healthcare recruiting, including a requirement for a staffing software that works well internationally and has multi-currency capabilities.  In the past their financial team reviewed and was sold on our 1Staff Back Office software built in Microsoft Dynamics® GP as the right solution for their invoicing, payroll, and financials.

After reviewing our Compliance functionality of 1Staff Front Office powered by Microsoft Dynamics® CRM the customer quoted, “These people have the most sophisticated rules engine you are going to see.”

1Staff Compliance provides a powerful rules engine to monitor what is required at every step at the hiring process.  Credentialing, drug tests, background checks, electronic tax and other forms, enrollment, etc.  It handles even the most demanding customer’s requirements as the staffing solution is capable of handling a complex matrix of requirements depending on the job, location, customer, worksite, process stage, etc.

Their selection process included two existing ‘old school’ staffing software vendors who were offering more legacy built from the ground up .NET products.  1Staff represented the new breed of application built on a development platform such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, and there was another vendor involved in the process who had built their solution on Salesforce.com.

Another point of interest for this customer was marketing automation.  The other legacy vendors were talking about adding some marketing automation, or maybe had a marketing automation vendor they had worked with.  On a platform like Microsoft CRM there isn’t only one marketing solution, instead there are a number of marketing solutions all competing against each other on functionality and price.  You can send an email to a group of travel nurses, SharePoint Consultants, etc. and see who opened the email, who viewed job descriptions, and how many times they did it.

Building on a platform comes with many benefits including being able to leverage things like staffing software working on Apple iPads.

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