In a world where word travels as fast as the share of a tweet, the opinions of a few can influence millions of people around the world in just seconds. Microsoft Dynamics recently came out with a new social feature, called Microsoft Social Engagement. This feature allows you to monitor all of your social channels in one place and it is fully integrated with 1Staff powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This feature will not only allow you to monitor what people are saying about your staffing firm, but it will also allow you to analyze and drive engagement.

Microsoft Social Engagement is fully integrated with your Microsoft CRM platform.

Social Highlights:

• Social listening
• Social analytics
• Social engagement
• Social CRM

Read Microsoft Blog on the topic: Get ready to Engage! Announcing General Availability of Microsoft Social Engagement!


If you are a staffing agency looking for an all-inclusive business solution, it starts at square one with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. 1Staff’s Front Office solution not only allows you the option to add on marketing capabilities such as email automation, but also allows you to get the right message to candidates, employees, prospects or customers at the right time via social management.

1Staff’s dynamic platform gives staffing agencies the ability to customize and tailor email messages and templates to each individual recipient, making sending emails a breeze. This ensures you only deliver relevant content to the audience of your choosing. In addition to sending emails, you can also send surveys, text messages, and event invites all from 1Staff’s Front Office solution.

We‘re excited to now add Microsoft Social Engagement to the list of marketing capabilities that 1Staff offers. This will also give staffing organizations the ability to do social monitoring from right inside of 1Staff. Watch the short video below to learn how seamless the integration between your social and Front Office could be:

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